Thursday, January 25, 2018

Quick Odd Way to Relieve Leg Pain

Okay, this isn't going to be anything racy. It's just that when I looked up leg pain for a picture, there was nothing but pictures of women rubbing their legs. I tried to find the least stimulating one I could find since I hope to be taken seriously here. My wife, Sheila has trouble with leg pain and we've tried Tylenol, Tylenol and Ibuprofen and leg cramp pills. We've tried ice and heating pads and foot rubs. Nothing worked very well until my crazy sister-in-law offered an off-the-wall remedy. It's simple.

  • Two teaspoons of dill pickle juice. 

That's it. Dill pickle juice!
Just take two and oddly enough within minutes the pain begins to fade away. It did it just now. Sheila was in pain an hour ago. I gave her some pickle juice and she's drifted off to sleep and the pain went away.

I don't know exactly why it works, and even doctors aren't sure but it does.  Pickle juice according to a Harvard study is rich in water and electrolytes. It has more salt that Gatorade and there is some thought that it's acidity also contributes to its power. There are a variety of causes of leg cramps. These include dehydration, loss of electrolytes, low potassium, low sodium, fatigue and the side effects of several medical conditions that cause restricted blood flow. Pickle juice also replenishes glycogen in the body after exercise and does so very quickly. It may be that it is so effective because it takes less time for pickle juice to relieve leg cramps than it does to be absorbed in the stomach. So the pickle juice seems like it doesn’t have to be absorbed into the bloodstream for the effects to be felt.

Anyway, it works downright quickly.

Give it a try. It's scary how well it works.

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