Thursday, July 01, 2010

Doggie Diapers

Okay, here's the problem.  My dog's in heat and we decided that we'd let her get at least a year old before we had her spayed.  Recent research indicates that, despite the current "standard" recommendation to have pets spayed at 6 month old, you might want to wait to let your dog mature a little before you neuter him or her.  This lets them get past the puppy stage a bit. There's some evidence that the "puppiness" that makes them rowdy and excitable at that age gets locked in if you neuter them when they are too young.

So we decided to wait a bit with Daisy. Unfortunately, you have the whole bleeding and discharge during the time the dog is in heat.  So, I looked up to see if there was some sort of doggie diaper thing we could get while she was indoors.  Turns out there was.  They run from $6 to $20 for just one! 

Well, I found a cheap alternative.  Boys sized underpants!  With a little help from a safety pin, I got myself a nice set of underpants for my hound dog.

1 dog
3 pair boys boxer/briefs
1 box of safety pins

Step 1
Buy a package of boys medium or large boxer/briefs

Step 2
Lay a pair on the floor with the legs open.  The front panel with the pee-pee flap will be toward the back.  The back of the underpants will be underneath the dog.  Daisy doesn't like wearing her fancy pants.  Here she is doing the limp dog routine, hoping I'll give up.  But I am made of sterner stuff and she gives in and cooperates.

Step 3
Set the dog's feet into the leg holes.

Step 5
On top of the underpants in the middle of the dog's back and above her tail, overlap the waist band and pull them tight. CAREFULLY, safety pin the folds of the waist band together as shown (see the arrow in the picture).

Step 6
Turn the dog loose and say something stupid like, "How does Daddy's girl like her new fancy pants?"  Your dog will duck her head and slink away to nap in the corner, thoroughly embarrassed to be running around in this funny looking rig.

I'll admit the black and gray pants look better.  I used the white ones so you could see it better in the pictures.  Daisy doesn't mind her fancy pants so much.  She even lifts her legs to let me slip them on and stands still till I'm through.

Don't you just love dogs.



  1. Very very funny and so clever! If I understand clearly, you do not actually cut the fabric. Is this the true?

  2. If we hadn't spayed her, I had planned to eliminate the safety pin (which chafes her some) by stitching together the overlapped part. Then all you'd have had to do is pull her tail through the fly and slip the elastic up around her waist - easy peasy. No cutting necessary; just a quick whip stitch along the waistband overlap to adjust to your dog's waist is all you need. - Tom

  3. Awesome idea! I have a 100 lb german shepherd who is incontinent and needs this for moving next week. I will stink if she has an accident in the moving truck. Peeeww! Any suggestion on size for her?

    1. Daisy is the size of a small shepherd. I went with small boy's size.

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  6. This made me giggle- great idea! Thank you!!!����

  7. How do they pee?

  8. You have to take off the diaper. It's not a condom. I only let her out when she's in heat if its an enclosed area and I am watching. When she's outside I remove it. It's primarily to keep her from "leaking" in the house, which she does when she's in heat.