Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Second Story Bird Feeder

(c) 2011 by Tom King

If you live on the second floor or you have a second floor bedroom, hanging a bird feeder can be problematic.  Here's an easy to make bird feeder hanger that puts the feeder outside your window.

- Broomstick
- Screw-in hook
- Paint to match the window trim
- Bird feeder
- 2-flag bracket
- Screws
- Drill with Philips driver bit

Step 1
Mount the flag bracket to the trim above the center of the window. You'll have to remove the screen so you can sit in the window sill to attach the flag bracket. I bought a bracket that allows you to hang two flagstaffs from the same bracket, one at a 45 degree angle and the other horizontally.  Screw the bracket into the wooden trim above the window.  Have somebody spot you so you don't fall out the window.

Step 2
Screw the hook into the end of the broomstick.  Paint it the same color as the window trim (it'll just look a whole lot better, trust me).

Step 3
Fill the bird feeder on the hook and stick the flat end into the horizontal flagpole hole of the flag bracket. If there's a keeper screw, tighten it.

Step 4
If you want to add a suet feeder, simple loop the chain over the stick and push it out. To refill the feeder, just remove the flagpole from the bracket. If you don't have the hand strength to do it that way, you can get another long broomstick, screw on another hook and use it to lift the feeder on and off the hook safely.  I recommend the hook and stick method since you are working at least two floors up.

The feeder got popular after the first snow.
I use zero-waste seed that doesn't use millet, sorghum or milo (birds toss that stuff aside anyway).  Keeps the feeder from showering waste seed on everyone below. Also, being so high up it's tough for rats and squirrels to get to AND this one's a squirrel proof feeder. The feeder drops a screen down over the seed cups when a squirrel or other relatively heavy rodent-like critters. It leaves them with a long drop or a tough scramble back up the pole with no rewaard for the effort. Wild mammals can't afford to waste energy on fruitless efforts to find food.

Enjoy the birds.

Tom King  

 © 2017 by Tom King

When we moved to 152nd ST, we moved our flagpole feeder.


  1. Thank you so much, Tom! I posted something on Facebook asking about the wisdom of hanging a bird feeder in a tree in the line of sight of my guest room window and one of my friends gave me a link to your page in response. This is ideal!

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