Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 12-10 Alfred Nobel Day

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Today's the day the Nobel Committee gives out the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics and for the Peace Prize.  All of the Nobel Prizes except the Peace Prize are presented in Stockholm, Sweden, at the annual Prize Award Ceremony on the anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, who established the Nobel Prize Foundation in his will. The Peace Prize is awarded at ceremonies held in Oslo, Norway the same night.

Each Nobel Laureate receives the prize from the hands of the King of Sweden. The Peace Prize recipient receives his or hers from the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of the King of Norway. Nobel, the Swedish inventor patented hundreds of inventions during his life, but is best known as the inventor of dynamite. His idea for the Nobel awards came after his brother died and a French newspaper accidentally published an obituary of Alfred Nobel under the headline "Merchant of Death Dies!"  Nobel decided he wanted to be remembered for something besides blowing stuff up, so he revised his will and created a foundation to offer annual prize for physics, chemistry, medicine, peace and literature. The Foundation added an additional prize for economics in 1968.  The Nobel Prize has been awarded 555 times to 856 people and organizations.

Celebrate Alfred Nobel Day with this free, downloadable, printable Alfred Nobel Day card and tell your sweetie that if there were a Nobel Prize for incredible women, she'd be a shoe-in for the prize.  Just click on the caption below the picture of Alfred Nobel. Remember, instead of printing from Google Docs, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Download" and copy the file to your own computer.  Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you use and print the card from there. For some reason Google Docs doesn't handle fonts well, even though they are supposed to be embedded in the PDF document itself. 

This is a top fold card, so when it prints, be sure to tell your printer it's in "portrait" format so you get the whole file. Flip it on the short side to print double-sided. This also flips the inside upside down from the outside when you print in portrait mode, so that, when you fold it over, the inside comes out right side up.  If you're confused, I encourage you to give it a try with a practice sheet.

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