Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 10-30 Mischief Night

Click Here to download your Mischief Night Card
Want to get an extra day out of that costume of yours.  Then go somewhere on October 30 where they celebrate "Mischief Night".  Well, "celebrate" might be too strong a word, especially if you're in the law enforcement business in the US, Canada and the UK.  The tradition dates back to the 1700s and is also known as Devil's Night, Hell Night, Cabbage Night (because the kids throw rotting cabbages at people), Gate Night, Mizzy Night, Miggy Night or Goosing Night.  The annual tradition turns loose mostly teens and preteens on the community to play pranks and to do mischief in their neighborhoods. Some communities have moved the date, but most celebrate it on the night before Halloween. Many communities combine the pranks with Halloween and create a dual holiday, thus the tradition of demanding "tricks or treats".  Toilet paper manufacturers particularly enjoy the holiday because they move a lot of extra product.

Give your favorite prankster this downloadable Mischief Night Card to show her how much you care. Just click on the caption below the picture of the prank-in-progress. The link will take you to a pdf file in Google Docs. Remember, instead of printing from Google Docs, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Download" and copy the file to your own computer.  Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you use and print the card from there. For some reason Google Docs doesn't handle fonts well, even though they are supposed to be embedded in the PDF document itself.

This is a top fold card, so when it prints, be sure to tell your printer it's in "portrait" format so you get the whole file. Flip it on the short side to print double-sided. This also flips the inside upside down from the outside when you print in portrait mode, so that, when you fold it over, the inside comes out right side up.  If you're confused, I encourage you to give it a try with a practice sheet.

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