Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 11-20 Beautiful Day

Click here to download your Beautiful Day card.
November 20th is Beautiful Day, a day to celebrate beauty in all its various shapes and forms. I've no idea who created Beautiful Day. It may have come from a U2 song or a Beach Boys son. There was a puppet character on the old Ed Sullivan Show and later on Sesame Street that was called the "Beautiful Day Monster".  Any time it was a beautiful day, the monster tried to wreak mayhem and chaos to ruin it.  Of course, like all good puppet monsters, he fails to do so.

The moral of that story is that any day can be a beautiful day and we shouldn't let monsters spoil it for us. Have a happy Beautiful Day and send your beautiful sweetheart this free, downloadable Beautiful Day card. Just click on the caption below the picture of the "beautiful day". Remember, instead of printing from Google Docs, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Download" and copy the file to your own computer.  Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you use and print the card from there. For some reason Google Docs doesn't handle fonts well, even though they are supposed to be embedded in the PDF document itself.

This is a top fold card, so when it prints, be sure to tell your printer it's in "portrait" format so you get the whole file. Flip it on the short side to print double-sided. This also flips the inside upside down from the outside when you print in portrait mode, so that, when you fold it over, the inside comes out right side up.  If you're confused, I encourage you to give it a try with a practice sheet.

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