Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 11-5 Guy Fawkes Day

Click here to download Guy Fawkes Day Card
November 5 is Guy Fawkes Night — celebrating the failed plot by a group of men who in 1605 tried to blow up the British Parliament. You probably know Guy Fawkes' face or at least the stylized mask based on his physiognomy that appeared in the Natalie Portman film, "V for Vendetta," and at Occupy Wall Street rallies and as a symbol of an anarchist hacker group called Anonymous. In Britain they celebrate the holiday, also known as Gunpowder Treason Day and Bonfire Night by setting big bonfires and throwing parties. There's some ambiguity as to whether citizens are celebrating the attempt or the Parliament, or the prevention of a terrorist act. 

That plot also known as the Jesuit plot was planned by Catholic insurgents against the Protestant royals who had been persecuting Catholics in England. The plan was to blow up Parliament's House of Lords on opening day and take out King James I and most of the nobility of England. Fawkes, the fuse man, was arrested while guarding the 36 barrels of gunpowder underneath Parliament and before he could touch off the fuse. Roger Catesby, the ringleader was killed in a shootout. Fawkes was hanged, drawn and quartered - rather a gruesome foundation for a holiday.

But the good news is you can send your sweetie this Guy Fawkes Day card and let her know she still adds a little combustion to your life. Just click on the caption below the picture of the Guy Fawkes Mask above.  The link will take you to a pdf file in Google Docs.  Download the file. Don't try to print the file from within Google Docs. I use a lot of fonts and Google Docs doesn't seem to like them very much.  Instead, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "download" and copy the file to your own computer. Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you prefer.  Print the card from there and it should be fine.

This is a side fold card, so when you print it, be sure to select "landscape" and if you have two-sided printing, choose "flip on the short side" so that the inside of the card is the same way up as the outside.  And while you're at it, join the Brits and set off a few leftover fireworks in memory of the unfortunate Mr. Fawkes.

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Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2013/11/05/2779243/guy-fawkes-night-2013-is-nov-5.html#storylink=cpy

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