Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 9-11 Patriot Day

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Variously known as Remember Freedom Day, 9/11 day or by it's more familiar name, Patriot Day, this solemn holiday honors the those who perished on September 11, 2001, when two commercial passenger jets were flown by hijackers into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the into the U.S. Pentagon building.  A fourth plane bound either for the White House or Capitol building crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers attempted to retake the plane. In 2008, President George W. Bush signed an official Presidential Proclamation, setting September 11th aside as "a holiday of heroism and remembrance".  Today's a good day to come together as Americans and lift each other up.  This Patriot Day card offers a respectful tribute to those who perished, those first responders who ran into the burning buildings to rescue people and the soldiers who sacrificed so much to carry the war back to the terrorists.

Just click on the caption below the picture of the Twin Towers. The link will take you to a pdf file in Google Docs. Remember, instead of printing from Google Docs, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Download" and copy the file to your own computer.  Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you use and print the card from there. For some reason Google Docs doesn't handle fonts well, even though they are supposed to be embedded in the PDF document itself.

This is a side fold card, so when it prints, be sure to tell your printer it's in "landscape" format so you get the whole file. Flip it on the short side to print double-sided.

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