Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 9-26 Love Note Day

Download Your Love Note Day Card
Tomorrow, September 26th  is Love Note Day. Not sure who came up with this one, but it was probably the greeting card companies.  Don't forget to send your special someone a heartfelt note expressing your undying love for her - a note like the one found here, complete with love poem.

For the gal for who Valentine's Day is just doesn't seem quite enough in the way of holidays on which to express your affection, send her a love note today.  Just click on the caption below the picture of the couple in love. The link will take you to a pdf file in Google Docs. Remember, instead of printing from Google Docs, click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Download" and copy the file to your own computer.  Open it with Adobe PDF Reader or whatever PDF reader you use and print the card from there. For some reason Google Docs doesn't handle fonts well, even though they are supposed to be embedded in the PDF document itself.

This is a side fold card, so when it prints, be sure to tell your printer it's in "landscape" format so you get the whole file. Flip it on the short side to print double-sided. Much quicker that way. If you're really thoughtful, there will be some chocolate with the card.

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