Saturday, September 07, 2013

The World's Best Fruitcake in my Not So Humble Opinion

Honeymama's Christmas White Fruitcake

My Aunt Sandra and I used to compete every Christmas to see who could suck up the most to Honeymama (my Grandmother King) wheedling to get a piece of here annual Christmas Fruitcake. Sandra actually had the first piece on permanent reserve, but that didn't stop me from doing the sad puppy dog eyes bit to try to wear Honeymom down.  I only won once when Aunt Sandra got busy in November and didn't visit for about 2 weeks straight. Honeymama got mad and gave me the first piece that year. These are the steps to making it as she told them to my wife Sheila who wrote it all down.

Preheat oven to 300°

·       4 eggs
·       2 cups sugar
·       ½ cupt butter
·       1 tsp baking powder
·       2 ½ cups flour
·       1 cup milk
·       1 cup chopped dates
·       1 cup candied cherries
·       1 cup candied pineapple
·       2 cups grated coconut
·       1 cup chopped nuts
·       1 tsp vanilla flavoring
·       1 tsp almond flavoring
·       ½ cup flour to coat the fruit


1.     Cream together butter, sugar, eggs and flavorings.
2.     Mix baking powder and flour in separate bowl and set aside.
3.     Chop fruit and nuts and coat with ½ cup flour.
4.     Mix all dry ingredients together and then add butter/sugar/egg/mixture. 
5.     Add milk while stirring until used up.
6.     Pour into well-greased bund pan and bake at 300° until done. Takes about 1 hour
7.     Cool pan for 2 hours before attempting to turn out of the bundt pan.
8.     Store in a cool place for 2 weeks and don't tell Sandra and Tom you've already made it or there won't be any left by Christmas

*No there are no ingredients missing. Honeymama didn't use citron. She didn't like the taste, so she bought the candied fruits everything so she didn't have to pick out the citron. I heartily agree with her on that. Apparently, so did my Aunt Sandra.  I'll post a picture of the finished fruitcake as soon as I bake one. I only just now found the recipe handwritten in one of Sheila's favorite cookbooks.

©  1947 by Mabel "Honeymama" King

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