Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-16 International Juggling Day

Okay, my source de' holidays failed me last week.I was misinformed by a normally reliable website as to the correct day for National Hot Dog Day which is July 23 - today! Of course, this is also National Hot Dog Month, so who cares? We can technically celebrate hot dogs every day in July and how cool is that?

To make up for the missing day, I offer this sweet card for July 16th - International Juggling Day.  Tell her she keeps your world spinning. You don't have to tell her Juggling Day was last week.  You'll get it right next year. 

Anyway, the Hot Dog Day card I did on the 16th should actually be for today.  I would have done "Mosquito Day" which is also today, but I couldn't think of anything romantic about mosquitoes (at least nothing serious).  To make up for the mistake, I'm offering a catch up card for the 16th of July which is actually International Juggling Day, a day to not only appreciate juggling as a performing art, but to tell your Sweetheart that she keeps your world spinning.


This is a simple side-fold card.  Print it in landscape view with both sides right side up in landscape view.  Sign your name above the bit about being her favorite clown.  Should get you a smooch.  At least that's the idea.  Right click on the images and download by clicking on "save as".  They are for your personal use only. The copyright is just to protect the ideas for my own ebook of greeting cards (which it will take me a year to create apparently.

Anyway, if I get time later, I'll do another one for today which is also, I discovered, "Ice Cream Cone Day" and "Vanilla Ice Cream Day" - rather redundant perhaps, but then how can ice cream be redundant? Or you can celebrate Hot Dog Day Part Dieux, or just blow it all out and have hot dogs AND ice cream.

© 2013 by Tom King

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