Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-30 Deviled Egg Day

Well, it looks like we're continuing our tasty treats theme this week with "Deviled Egg" Day, a day on which we all celebrate the delightful deliciousness of that pot luck delicacy - the deviled egg.  Though no one is sure why cutting a boiled egg in half, smushing up the yokes with mayo and pickle relish made them "deviled" eggs, but they certainly are a devilishly delicious treat that goes with almost anything.

We've gone with a top fold card this time.  Remember to print the inside of the card upside down with respect to the outside of the card.  Here's the procedure for a top fold card:

It's a side fold.  Follow the usual procedure:
  1. Download the full page photos above by right clicking and then clicking on "save as"
  2. Open your word-processor or publishing program.
  3. Create a blank two page, double-sided, portrait format document.
  4. Paste the photos on the front and back of the page in your document.the photos should cover the entire page outside and inside.
  5. Print on cardstock on normal or better settings.  Print two-sided with both pictures facing the same direction and flipped on the long side if you have a double-side printer.
  6. Turn the card sideways and fold in half vertically, sign your name with appropriate expressions of love and affection.
It's even better if you make some deviled eggs for her to go with the card. They are delicious. Even your angel will think so....

© 2013 by Tom King

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