Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7/31 Devoted Couples Day

Happy Devoted Couples day.  It's also Best Friends Day and National Mutt's Day, but you can't pass up "Devoted Couples Day" if you want to make an impression with that romantic greeting card. There's no food that goes with this one, only pure love. But don't worry this side fold card is sweet enough to get you onto her good side.

It's a side fold.  Follow the usual procedure:
  1. Download the full page photos above by right clicking and then clicking on "save as"
  2. Open your word-processor or publishing program.
  3. Create a blank two page, double-sided, landscape format document.
  4. Turn the photos sideways and paste to cover the document front and back.
  5. Print on cardstock on normal or better settings.  Print two-sided with both pictures facing the same direction and flipped on the short side if you have a double-side printer.
  6. Fold in half vertically and sign your name with appropriate expressions of love and affection.
 This is a good one for an "out to eat someplace romantic" tactic.  Enjoy the day with your devoted loved one.

© 2013 by Tom King

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