Friday, July 19, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-19 Flitch Day

Flitch Day is an odd little ceremony that was common in 15th century England and may have existed on mainland Europe as far back as Saxon times.  The holiday, traditionally celebrated on the 19th of July, survived into the 1700s with remnants of the custom still surviving in remote areas of England. The festival involved setting up a panel of judges before which couples presented themselves for cross-examination.  The couple had to swear before the judges that they had been married for at least a year and a day and that they didn't regret having married.  If they convinced the judges and survived cross-examination by the appointed prosecutor, then they were awarded a flitch of bacon. 

By all accounts the awarding of the flitch was an very rare event, the English apparently having a distinct skepticism where happiness and the institute of matrimony are concerned.

Declare your support for marital bliss today by buying your blushing bride a flitch of bacon and giving her an attractive card with your handwritten declarations of love inscribed at the bottom in the blank space provided.
Print the inside rightside up

Print the outside upside down

This is a top fold card, so, place the pictures in your document in portrait orientation, covering the whole page, facing opposite directions (one up/one down) on the front and back of some nice cardstock - something in a nice bacon-pink color would be perfect.  Print the pages in portrait mode with the pictures facing opposite ways when flipped along the long edge.

Remember, nothing says, "I love you" like a huge slab of BACON!  It's a very romantic gift that keeps right on giving.  For you vegetarians out there, a case of veggie bacon is always a big hit with the missus.

© 2013 by Tom King

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