Monday, July 29, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-29 Lasagna Day

Okay, now this is a thing worth celebrating.  It's Lasagna Day, hip, hip, hooray.  I'm with Garfield on this one - Italian food is supposed to be the food of romance. Well I think lasagna is the most romantic danged thing anyone ever invented.  To celebrate we have this card.

It's a side fold.  Follow the usual procedure:
  1. Download the full page photos above by right clicking and then clicking on "save as"
  2. Open your word-processor or publishing program.
  3. Create a blank two page, double-sided, landscape format document.
  4. Turn the photos sideways and paste to cover the document front and back.
  5. Print on cardstock on normal or better settings.  Print two-sided with both pictures facing the same direction and flipped on the short side if you have a double-side printer.
  6. Fold in half, sign your name with appropriate expressions of love and promises to take her out to the Olive Garden tonight.
You can't beat that with a romantic stick!

© 2013 by Tom King

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