Monday, July 22, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-22 Hammock Day

Happy Hammock Day everybody.  It's the middle of the dog days of summer and a great day to sling your hammock from a tree and take the nap you missed back on National Nap Day.  No one really knows where Hammock Day came from.  The inventor apparently strung his hammock and proceeded to take a nap and didn't write anything down. 

Outside of card

Inside of Card
Next to Nap day this could be one of my favorite holidays.  This is a top fold card. Print it in profile with the second page upside down to the first if flipped on the long side.  Make sure the inside image is pasted upside down on the back of the front page and size it to the full page.  Download the images by right clicking and click again on "save image as". You know the rest.  Have a nice nap in your hammocks everybody.  I'm already sleepy.

Tom King - © 2013

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