Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greeting Card Campaign: 7-17 Get out of the Doghouse Day

If you seem to stay in trouble more than you stay out of trouble (and frankly, you probably wouldn't have been reduced to the extreme of sending a card per day if you weren't that sort of doofus), then today is your day.

It's "Get Out of the Doghouse Day"!  Yeah!

Today is the day when, according to ancient tradition, your wife has to forgive you if you get on your knees and confess your failures and shortcomings (and bring her an unburnt breakfast in bed or better yet, a brunch at her favorite bistro.
Inside of card

Outside of card

This is a top fold card, so print the second page upside down on the back of the first page.  As with all of these, insert the pictures into your Word or publishing software document so they cover the full front and back of a single sheet of card stock.  Download the images by right clicking and choosing "Save image as".

Be careful, though.  This is a day to beg for giveness, not demand it. Start demanding your right to forgiveness and it could easily turn into "Bury Your Husband Under the Back Porch Day."

I'm just sayin'

© 2013 by Tom King

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